frequently asked questions

Q: What types of receivables are acceptable?

A: Just about any valid invoice for services performed or products delivered.

Q: What is required before an invoice may be funded?

A: Your customer must be creditworthy and your product or service must be completed, delivered, and accepted by that customer.

finance-topic4Q: Do we bill on our invoice?

A: You continue to bill normally. Checks may be made payable to you, but mailed to NWCFI.

Q: What does it cost?

A: Fees are competitive and terms are flexible. Your volume and customer payment determines the fees.

Q: Are government receivables acceptable?

A: Yes. We fund on Federal, State, Country, and City invoices.

Q: Must I agree to finance a minimum volume of future receivables?

A: No. Keep in mind that volume has a direct bearing on your fee.

Q: Does receivables financing make good business sense?

A: Yes! Thousands of firms like IBM, Georgia Pacific and Coca Cola use this financial tool. Now your business can take advantage of this proven, debt-free, and flexible method to effectively multiply your working capital.

Q: What is the smallest or largest invoice that we can submit?

A: There is no minimum amount, and the maximum would be determined by your customers credit limit.

Q: What will my customers think?

A: Receivables-based financing is used by many of the largest corporations in the world to improve cash flow, support growth, and increase profits. Many of your customers may use this service themselves and others have become familiar with it through other vendors. The fact that you qualify for this “credit line” makes a strong positive statement.

Q: Can we qualify with a history of credit problems such as bankruptcy, IRS liens or judgments?

A: Yes! We compliment and work in cooperation with your existing lenders to enable you to access even more capital.

Q: Can we qualify even if we are just starting a business and have no credit history?

A: Yes, you can, if you have creditworthy customers.

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