Defining a credit monitoring service is pretty straightforward‚ their programs review credit files for certain changes that could indicate fraud; but pinning down the myriad benefits of a credit monitoring service is a little more complicated. Some can only alert you to potential fraud taking place in your name‚ while others offer assistance in helping you resolve problems resulting from identity theft should it happen, and still others offer more robust features. Credit monitoring companies function by monitoring credit files from one or more of the three major bureaus that document your credit history.

What are the signs of a good credit monitoring service?

When picking a credit monitoring service‚ do your homework before signing up for anything. You’ll want to go with a company that has established their reputation through years of service and is a name you can trust. To determine this‚ check in with the Better Business Bureau or customer review websites to see the company’s standing.


Credit screening is the gathering and validation of information that can be used to determine the credit worthiness of a person or company. In order to best serve you and your business goals, we will need to run a check on the companies credit, as well as the business owners credit, and all parties involved in transactions, to prevent any red flags from popping up later in the process as well as to make sure all financial requirements are met accordingly.

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