Unlimited capital

The only financing source that can increase immediately with your sales, that we know of. This allows you to constantly have the ability to meet increasing demand, therefore as sales increase; more money becomes immediately available to you.

finance-3No Debt incurred

Factoring is not a loan; therefore you are not incurring any debt. This can make a very attractive balance sheet, which makes it easier to obtain other financing and make immediate adjustments to cash flow needs.

No loss of business equity

Ownership percentages are unchanged with a factoring arrangement (unlike most venture capital arrangements).

Offer credit terms to your customers

Factoring allows your business to be more productive by offering credit terms to potential and current customers without the risk of a negative cash flow impact.

Leverage off your customer’s credit

It’s not necessary to be in business for three years, or be profitable, or meet any other conventional lender qualifications in order to factor. Simply have a credit-worthy customer, and you can qualify for a factoring arrangement.

Establish good credit for your business

Paying your company’s bills in a timely manner is no challenge with improved cash-flow. Factoring makes cash immediately available to maintain a steady cash flow.

financial_56215789_smallerImprove processing service

You can greatly reduce your cost of processing because we handle much of the work. Mailing invoices (addressing envelope, stuffing them, paying postage), posting invoices to a computer system, depositing checks, entering payments on the computer and producing regular reports can be delegated to us.

Professional collections

We usually handle collections more professionally and more productively than you can internally. This could translate into further cost savings for your business.

Factoring is fast and easy

No tax returns, personal financial statements, business plan, projections, etc. are necessary to process our application. Usually, within about a week of receipt of signed contracts, your account is established. Thereafter, accepted invoices are converted to cash within 24 hours. Bureaucracy prohibits banks from processing that fast.

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