Nationwide Capital Funding Inc.


Nationwide Capital Funding, Inc. is in the business of funding business to business receivables to improve our client’s cash flow and increase sales. In no way do we do any type of personal loans, car loans, house loans or any loans of that type. Absolutely no lengthy applications or loan approval committees, also typically no financials or tax returns are required. Even new start-up companies can benefit as well, using our financial funding service, and there is no requirement for a long-term credit history.

Factoring is one of the oldest and most powerful cash flow and management tools available to businesses today. The most important aspect of the transaction is not the credit-worthiness of your company; it is the credit worthiness of your customers, this is why factoring can help start up companies as well as seasoned companies. Therefore, factoring is a fast, easy and reliable financial transaction that allows you quick access to your working capital that is based on the financial soundness of your customers. It is that simple.